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  • 311-M351 | Submersible Pump Lift Station / Sludge Level Transducer

    Price: $695.00$735.00
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    About this Product

    • 3-inch diameter sensing diaphragm resists clogging
    • Protective baffle plate reduces risk of sensor damage
    • Corrosion-resistant, all stainless steel construction
    • Surge protection from lightning strikes and voltage spikes

    *40 ft and 60 ft Hytrel Vented Cable options available in online selection. Consult factory for other cable lengths.

  • 370 WECO Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

    370 WECO Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

    Price: $1,150.00$1,195.00
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    About this Product

    The industry-exclusive Model 370 WECO® Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter from GP:50 features:

    • Ruggedly designed and engineered to effectively address demanding shock and vibration and installation challenges within the oilfield environment.
    • Units are directly compatible with WECO® 2”-1502, 2202, 2002 or 602 wing union fittings.
    • They are also available in multiple outputs, ranges, electrical connections, and area approvals to meet specific requirements.
  • 340-IM Flush Mount Pressure Transmitter

    340-IM Flush Mount Pressure Transmitter

    Price: $595.00
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    About this Product

    The Model 340-IM from GP:50 features

    • Flush face mounted industrial pressure transmitter
    • Designed for higher viscosity media, particularly where such media can otherwise clog or damage traditional non-flush port sensor designs
    • The rugged, all-welded, Inconel design of the 340-IM allows for greater compatibility with corrosive media
    • No zero offset is caused during sensor installation.
  • 1003

    1003 Series | Low-Cost OEM Pressure Transducer

    Price: $205.00
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    About this Product

    • The Model 1003 from GP:50 is a family of lower-cost, industrial-grade OEM pressure transducers, featuring corrosion-resistant, all stainless steel wetted parts and housings.
    • Model 1003 Series transducers are ideal for higher volume pressure monitoring applications, particularly where lower costs are required, yet where the need for precision measurement accuracy remains.
    • Units are available with a choice of 4-20 mA, 0 to 5 Vdc or 0 to 10 Vdc output
    • Various electrical connections and pressure port options
    • Typical applications for the Model 1002/1003 include off-road vehicle, HVAC/R, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, pumps and compressors, and industrial engine pressure monitoring.

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